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I've released my latest album. My family are having trouble paying rent as my Dad hasn't gotten paid for the last two jobs so I am trying to help them. It contains 8 beautifully orchestrated soundtracks, from easy listening to epic electronic orchestral vibes. I am sure you will find something in there that will peak your interest.  Any support is highly appreciated!

Thank you to everyone who has listened to or stumbled upon my music throughout all the years that I have been on Newgrounds. The community in here is ummatched to the rest of the websites that I have shared my musical journeys with. Hope to many more years to come!

Much more music to come in 2017, so stay stuned!


I've always had a strange notion of selling my music. I felt it is never there, a point where I would be able to offer it for monetary value. Music is subjective in its own right, and what one person might consider worth buying, another might not. One might think something is worth nothing, and another might buy it in the thousands.

It's always interesting to see peoples approach to monetizing their music, whether on major websites such as iTunes, Google Play, etc or independently on Bandcamp, Loudr(Soundrop). I feel like as an independent artist the power of how much you charge is in your control but it also begs the difficulty question of what is the correct price? What does an artist feel his music is worth? And I think that question can never be answered, it always evolves and changes along the way. Only recently have I began to set prices on my music on Bandcamp, for several reasons as you might know. Although I haven't received a single sale on any of my singles except for Unmasked. And even that was heavily advertised everywhere, from my Facebook where I have over 380 friends, to my Twitter where have over 400 followers. Several music websites. I think the hardest part a musician will face is self promotion, it is very hard to get out there and get noticed. There are many way to go about this, collaboration with more popular artists, signing up for major websites such as iTunes.

I've never wanted to be part of a major Record Label because my music isn't something that fits the common genre. It is dare I say, a bit too unique for peoples tastes? I feel like it gets glossed over, or people might not fully understand what I am trying to portray through my music, somewhere along the line art gets lost in translation and I think I am experiencing that at this very moment. I'll try not to gloom over this too much, and try to make something more "commercial" if I dare say so myself? I want people to listen to my music, anywhere, even if they are not explicitly know that they are listening to me and think "Yep, that is Grandvision's music" just based off the style, the unique feel of the music.

What's your favorite track from me?

2017-04-11 16:16:17 by Grandvision

I am genuinely curious when I ask this question. I try to ask it every year, but haven't had the opportunity to do so for a very long time. Which is your favorite and why, I love to hear peoples opinions on what stood out the most to them and why, or what the track made them feel. I am still an amateur musicians so I am always trying to improve my music, and finding feedback can often be hard.

Just released a video showing off my latest soundtrack "Awakening" with it's arrangment and complexity within FL Studio 12, so if you're interested in that sort of thing check it out below

Download this track on my Bandcamp -

It's definitely one of my most complex and epic tracks I've ever composed. Has many thematic melodies and also tempo and key changes which I've never done before. I did not include any drums as I've tried experimenting with them and they just did not fit, there was too much going on. Anyways enjoy and I'll be sure to upload more videos soon!

Unmasked is my most successful album to date!

2017-03-05 18:39:15 by Grandvision

It's official "Unmasked" has been my most successful album to date. £31 in sales! That might not seem much but it's higher than anything I've ever sold in the past 6 years of my musical period.

If you haven't yet checked out the small album, do so over here -

You can download the whole album for free by putting "£0" or you can pay whatever you want. Any support is highly appreciated.

Times been tought for me. Haven't had any regular work for over 2 months and only now starting work, so spending all my money on food and travel at the moment. Been trying to work evenings on music where I can but time is limited. Very stressed but hope things quiet down once I get some money going. Hope everyone else in the world is having a better day than me. Keep rocking you guys <3


New Album "Unmasked" with exclusive track!

2017-02-13 12:42:36 by Grandvision

Hello guys and girls!

I've just released a small little album featuring 4 soundtracks, one of which has never before been released on here.

Check it out over here -

You can download the album or individual tracks for free if you put "£0" or you could chip in any amount and help me not starve. Have been havig difficulty staying on top of bills and paying for food, work is sparse at the moment. So any support is highly appreciated. Thank you

Till next time.


The Making of "At Any Cost" Video Project.

2017-02-12 10:19:09 by Grandvision

Hello guys. I am back with a rework of one of my earlier tracks. Very much an epic piece with electronic influences. I am not here to show off the tracks as you can find it in my Audio section. Instead I am here to show audio project itself in video form.

Here's that video of the track "At Any Cost" being played within my DAW, FL Studio, showing the melodies I've composed, the afformentioned plugins and the EQ being applied.

Would appreciate any subscribers as I am planning to release more and more content, perhaphs even tutorials, or sample library reviews and of course the music itself. Really trying to be more active and build up my reputation as a musician on here and everywhere else. I hope you will take this joruney with me as I have many great plans ahead for myself in 2017. Let's hope all goes well and see you in the next post. :)

You can only download this track on my Bandcamp -

Any support is highly appreciated.


It's a joke.

I've never had much confidence in what I did with music, only recently have I decided to see my music in another light and actually think it might be half decent, but I am always improving and my standards are set so high that I feel like I will never achieve them, or it might take a very considerable and different path to tread with many sleepless nights and every ounce of energy spent in order to get anywhere where I am at least somewhat satisfied with what I create.

I've travelled through several genres of music mostly for the fact that I wanted to see what genres I would perform well under, that and it was fun experimenting with different textures, rhythms, sounds, synths and everything else in between, it gave me experience in how instruments work, orchestral and electronic, what works and doesn't, and how some instruments can seamlessly blend with one another or create a very unique sound when certain notes are played.

I've always wanted to take my music further, to actually make it a career, and it's something I am still to this very day, struggling with, I am just not sure where my style lies, what my music actually is. Is it a representation of me or someone I came up with inside of my head that is just taking control of what I write, which for all I care could be complete nonsense. I guess I could take music less seriously, and I have done so over the past few years, trying to just relax, forget everything, the theory, the standards, what I think I should do, and instead just do it from feeling alone, and it was a fun experiment. Ancient voices was one of those experiments, and previous tracks too.

I think for me to really step over that hurdle would require for me to actually learn how to play the piano, actually sit down and learn the fingering techniques, then the basic chords, then the melodies, and so on and so forth.

It is also one of the reasons why I haven't created a personal music page on the Audio section yet, I feel like I want to start showing off my stuff when it is actually ready, to a degree, something coherent, decent, and fully composed, a beginning, a middle and an end. A track that tells a story, thaty doesn't float on one feeling, mood and/or texture. Also why my YouTube page hasn't been touched in years. I know it is a good source of listeners and sources to make your music reach further with other channnels such as the Epic Music ones.

So what do you think? Also the title could be reverted back at you readers, "Do you think you're a good Musician?" Why and why not? I think it's a good way to completely stop sometimes, and take a hard look at yourself and your music, what you've achieved, what you've yet to achieve and what challenges and requirements need to be set in order to get to that point.

I guess I've got to thank @samulis for being a huge inspiration for this track. His theoretical knowledge and crave for authentic and diverse orchestration has moved me in more ways than one. Also a thank you to @Anarkat for knowing to never give up with your passions and just make what you "feel" is right. @Step for being a generally nice guy, offering me advice over the years about various musical subjects and @etherealwinds for inspiring me to create a vocal composition, maybe someday we can collaborate together on a track.

I've faltered and fallen over the years, in terms of confidence in my musi. Whether I had it in my all this time, but recently I decided to just let that all go, the doubts and hopes for success, and just create. What I always wanted to do, is just to compose, whatever comes to my mind, to let go and not think about what is right or wrong, but what just feels right. I've got to say, I've lost track with what this composition is supposedt to represent, it might seem all over the place, and might not even sound eastern at all but it was just an experiment and I enjoyed it.

Next two compositions I really want to focus on percussive elements and rhythm. Perhaps something like Morocco by @Step who did a splendid job of focusing on the well known scales in the Eastern regions and their preferred instruments, not to mention how catchy the track itself was.

The second track on my mind was an orchestral drum & bass track. Something I've always wanted to compose, at least in some manageable manner, it might be tough, I might need to learn electronic music compression, and all sorts of other stuff, and how to mix electronic with orchestral instruments but it will be a fun experiemtn, one that I want to experience. That's the reason I've acquired Nexus 2 and some drum & bass samples and vocal shots.

Hope you're having a wonderful day. :D