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Limited Edition "Umasked" CD Album, Would you Buy it?

2017-05-17 02:40:16 by Grandvision

So I was thinking of making CDs for my latest album "Unmasked" -

With Extended tracks for[About 3 minutes each]:
Elves of the West
Echo Fox Theme
Ori and the Blind Forest - Time

Awakening[No Percussion]
At Any Cost[No Change]
Time is a Fickle Thing[Instrumental & Shay Edition]
I've Seen Too Much[Digital and Live Played Version]

The Live version will contain a live VIolinist, Cellist and Femal Vocalist. [Hopefully, this is still in the planning stage]

So that would be 9 tracks, all fully mixed and mastered for the CD. It would be a LIMITED edition CD which is signed by me and will have beautiful custom artwork done by an Artist[yet unnamed]

I've never released CDs before but is this something you would be interested in buying? I've yet to choose a CD company and distributor. I am not sure how one would go about signing the CDs before they're sent off[either embeding a signature on the artwork itself or signing each one before they're distributed. I'd have to look that up. This album would also be available on Bandcamp, although I am not sure yet, want to make this a Limited Edition thing. Do I have enough of a following to consider this? The profit would have to outweigh the cost.



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