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Hello my lovely Newgrounds friends and followers. Apologies for being quiet on here. I've wanted to share some very good news with all of you here. Legacy of Anduel is currently in pre-production stage at the moment and I am currently ironing out the characters, the fantasy magic system and how it works and how the Synopsis of the story will play out for the Short Film and how it will connect to the over-arching full story in the full book that I will publish. If you'd like to support the project please consider joining the Discord - https://discord.gg/KfNqB5m

I will be posting updates on the Film. Including GIFs, Videos, Works in Progress and General Progress Thoughts on all upcoming fronts. Feel free to pop by and have a chat. I will also be reworking my Patreon rewards. I have already reworked them a bit but I will be making a new Patreon video focusing entirely on my own content and hand made videos from Philosophy, Game and Film breakdown, Analysis and my own Film sneak peeks.

What is The Legacy of Anduel?

The Legacy of Anduel is a Fantasy Film that I've been working on since 2015. A life long passion project of mine that I've wanted to bring to life. In my world there exists Dragon Gods who each go by their own name.

These 8 Titan Dragon Gods each represent their own elemental force in my story. Sleeping under the earth. Each Continent was forged by the Titan Gods and each Race worships their own God. Each Race is attuned to elemental magic and use it to prosper within their lands. I am currently developing the Fantasy Magic System for the world. Including fleshing out the characters and plot. The main plot synopsis is already written down and there is a beginning, middle and resolute end. All I require is to develop my Kickstarter Campaign in order to hire Artists who will create the backgrounds and characters who I will then hand animate. I will also be composing the music, doing some of the voice acting and creating sound effects for the film. It's a long arduous process but it's been a very fun one. I always post WIPs and sneak peeks for my Patreon supports for as little as $1 per month. Consider supporting if you love Fantasy and Dragons - https://www.patreon.com/exodusarias

When will it be released?

Depending on the success of the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign and its funding. Proposed release date is somewhere at the end of 2021! The film is currently in pre-production stage. Planning for the story boarding, character development, and finalizing the story and lore of the world is being worked on in the background. All funding will be planned meticulously to a detailed spreadsheet of expenses for Background, Character Artists, Sound Effect Designers and Voice Actors.

Who will be working on the film? Can I join?

The current team for the project is currently 3 people. Azatharus[staticreature], ExodusArias[Myself] and ShayPup[Puptaur]

There are currently no positions available at the moment due to the early nature of the project. As soon as the Kickstarter begins a hiring process will begin where I will begin scouting for potential Artists, Sound Effect Designers and Voice Actors for the film. All processing will take place over Discord via Voice Chat with preferable Portofolios on hand.

Where can I find more information about the Film?

All Developer updates can be found easily via my YouTube Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIeK60u9AWQ90DiylHP__mso33i1l6T6v

The Playlist is constantly updated with new videos so be sure to check back often to see what you've missed.

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