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Wtf was this? Can't believe Johnny Utah made this. Just useless. I gave this a 2.

JohnnyUtah responds:

damn yo

I don't get it.

I love the style of the ending with the buttons, and the style was nice, didnt expect the ending though XD I LOVED IT, nice FX as well, though some poses looked a bit stretched/transformed if you were using flash.

DeuxLab responds:

Glad you liked the End Screen with the buttons :D we like to style the endings/beginnings of our videos. I don't know what you mean by stretched, but we did use flash... perhaps a Flash player glitch!? . Thanks for your comment. :)

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Thanks for using my music in your game. The game itself is simple and the concept is widely used, but it's fun in it's simplicity.

ZhaoAS2 responds:

Thank for music .^^

Reupload it.

I can't go beyond the Slot choice since after the AD ends, I click Start Game and try to click any slot and another ad starts to load which I cannot close and I cannot click anywhere on the game. I cannot tell how good the game is but it looks promising. Always check for bugs. I am using Google Chrome on Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

It got quite hard after leve 8.

But I still beat him, he was alright, kind of fast but I was faster :D

Nice concept, easy, simple and fun. Got a little boring though, maybe more varied bottles and new guns that do more range damage or something like that.

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Ethereal :)

Lovely. :)

Wish I got as many plays and reviews as you :)

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Reminds me of Serious Sam for some reason. One of the first few monsters you encounter. A gnaar! Scary things. >:D Those eyebrows.

Jesse looks older here, o.O maybe it's because of the expression and the sexy beard. I am about to watch episode 16. Wish me luck. My body is ready.

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