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It's a joke.

I've never had much confidence in what I did with music, only recently have I decided to see my music in another light and actually think it might be half decent, but I am always improving and my standards are set so high that I feel like I will never achieve them, or it might take a very considerable and different path to tread with many sleepless nights and every ounce of energy spent in order to get anywhere where I am at least somewhat satisfied with what I create.

I've travelled through several genres of music mostly for the fact that I wanted to see what genres I would perform well under, that and it was fun experimenting with different textures, rhythms, sounds, synths and everything else in between, it gave me experience in how instruments work, orchestral and electronic, what works and doesn't, and how some instruments can seamlessly blend with one another or create a very unique sound when certain notes are played.

I've always wanted to take my music further, to actually make it a career, and it's something I am still to this very day, struggling with, I am just not sure where my style lies, what my music actually is. Is it a representation of me or someone I came up with inside of my head that is just taking control of what I write, which for all I care could be complete nonsense. I guess I could take music less seriously, and I have done so over the past few years, trying to just relax, forget everything, the theory, the standards, what I think I should do, and instead just do it from feeling alone, and it was a fun experiment. Ancient voices was one of those experiments, and previous tracks too.

I think for me to really step over that hurdle would require for me to actually learn how to play the piano, actually sit down and learn the fingering techniques, then the basic chords, then the melodies, and so on and so forth.

It is also one of the reasons why I haven't created a personal music page on the Audio section yet, I feel like I want to start showing off my stuff when it is actually ready, to a degree, something coherent, decent, and fully composed, a beginning, a middle and an end. A track that tells a story, thaty doesn't float on one feeling, mood and/or texture. Also why my YouTube page hasn't been touched in years. I know it is a good source of listeners and sources to make your music reach further with other channnels such as the Epic Music ones.

So what do you think? Also the title could be reverted back at you readers, "Do you think you're a good Musician?" Why and why not? I think it's a good way to completely stop sometimes, and take a hard look at yourself and your music, what you've achieved, what you've yet to achieve and what challenges and requirements need to be set in order to get to that point.

I guess I've got to thank @samulis for being a huge inspiration for this track. His theoretical knowledge and crave for authentic and diverse orchestration has moved me in more ways than one. Also a thank you to @Anarkat for knowing to never give up with your passions and just make what you "feel" is right. @Step for being a generally nice guy, offering me advice over the years about various musical subjects and @etherealwinds for inspiring me to create a vocal composition, maybe someday we can collaborate together on a track.

I've faltered and fallen over the years, in terms of confidence in my musi. Whether I had it in my all this time, but recently I decided to just let that all go, the doubts and hopes for success, and just create. What I always wanted to do, is just to compose, whatever comes to my mind, to let go and not think about what is right or wrong, but what just feels right. I've got to say, I've lost track with what this composition is supposedt to represent, it might seem all over the place, and might not even sound eastern at all but it was just an experiment and I enjoyed it.

Next two compositions I really want to focus on percussive elements and rhythm. Perhaps something like Morocco by @Step who did a splendid job of focusing on the well known scales in the Eastern regions and their preferred instruments, not to mention how catchy the track itself was.

The second track on my mind was an orchestral drum & bass track. Something I've always wanted to compose, at least in some manageable manner, it might be tough, I might need to learn electronic music compression, and all sorts of other stuff, and how to mix electronic with orchestral instruments but it will be a fun experiemtn, one that I want to experience. That's the reason I've acquired Nexus 2 and some drum & bass samples and vocal shots.

Hope you're having a wonderful day. :D

Entropy Album out now on Bandcamp! [Free]

2016-05-12 12:02:42 by Grandvision

Sorry for the lack of music in the past 9 months. I've been really busy with trying to stay alive, rent, food and bills, it all comes down to what's more important, eating or making music. And since I've had a tought run in with Agency Work, currently going to severeal interviews throughout the week looking for a permanent place somewhere, I've released these two tracks for FREE on my bandcamp. It might not seem much in melody, or something that I usually compose, but I always loved ambient, it helps me collect my thoughts and relax, just let go and feel the notes hit. The piano and strings itself were improvised on my keyboard, I am no great player, but I plan to learn with time.

Hope you have a wonderful day, and please tell me what you think if you do decide to take a listen, as I love hearing oher peoples thoughts, the imagery, what they imagine or see.



New Music in 2017?

2016-05-06 19:50:49 by Grandvision




New Music in 2016?

2016-04-21 17:55:18 by Grandvision



Hello my fans :D

2015-06-22 15:24:43 by Grandvision

How are you all doing today?

My Musical Progression in 2014 & Notion of Selling My Music.

2015-01-27 11:52:20 by Grandvision

I've always had a strange notion of trying to sell music I compose, whether on Bandcamp or anywhere else. I remember setting up a bandcamp page which had a single up, specifically this one -

Which I've recently released again in high quality format. I've never really though of selling my music out there to the world to listen to as all my music has been composed mostly for myself, but also has been available pretty much everywhere I can put it on within reason for other peoples listening pleasure. I think somewhere along the line, I thought and still think, actually that my music wasn't worth selling. This is not a very good approach as an independent musician. Music has been my passion and even my hold on life for well over seven years. Ever since I discovered FL Stuido and began messing about with the default sound samples, I've found the notion fascinating, how anyone could just pick up the art and do anything they desire, and create anything their imagination could fathom to bring to fruition.

It's that notion, and that spirit of adventure and excitement that carried me through the years, as I discovered more, the program itself, the samples and the wide array of genres and other composers in where I stood myself. I am not sure exactly why I strongly began to like and compose orchestral based compositions, the genre was just so defining, had a long and winding path of history behind it. It molded, it changed and it evolved. Composers like Thomas Bergersen, Hans Zimmer, John Powell and Howard Shore, are all experts in their own little fields of soundtrack music, and that was something I truly aspired to.

The commonly encountered problem with being a musician is that it can take quite a while before you are recognized or even admired for your work. The music industry is a very competitive business in this day and age, and getting through the filter so to say, isn't easy. But it wasn't exactly what I strove for. I just composed for the sake of it, to see what I could create, and what would come of it in the end, but as I grew, and as I got better, I wanted to aspire to greater things, as with everything a person does, they want to improve, as if there is no goal, there is no path to follow, which brings you at a crossroads of unlimited choices which can sometimes cloud your judgement, and even bring upon depression or anxiety.

I've learned to live and let go, and enjoy the process. Many years went by, and I have yet to see my music stand at a point where I think it could be. I like to take my time, so to say, but this strangely enough only applies to the creative arts I've applied myself to. Music was one of them, whether it was the next full blown composition, or a small loop, it always took me more than people would consider a standard schedule to finish something. I could say I am a perfectionist, but not of the right sort, as my musician is nowhere close to what I think it could, but it's getting there, slowly. I love to change, and experiment, to see how something would sound, but the limitation of samples I have at my disposal prevents me from plotting that ever so beautiful melody and theme in my head to the screen before me.

I've recently acquired a couple of new samples, which hopefully shall allow me to expand on my textures and unique sound. The next composition to be released publicly will hopefully be the Epic Science Fiction Orchestral Soundtrack I have been working on since the middle of December, in which you can check out here - if you haven't already done so. It's only been two weeks but I already see what is wrong with that little snippet of an introduction, and I will see what I can do about it as I delve deeper into the work.

A Ship to the North is now available on Bandcamp for £1!

2015-01-26 02:48:40 by Grandvision

Hello people of Newgrounds!

I've recently released my older track entitled "A Ship to the North" on Bandcamp, which is available for free!

The track is available in high quality MP3, FLAC and a plethora of other formats, over at -

Includes a fancy album cover I've designed myself.

Thanks for your continued support, it helps me create even greater worlds for you to listen to and enjoy.

~Grandvision Studio~

Grandvision Gaming Channel, Hearthstone Abound!

2015-01-17 21:01:37 by Grandvision


Hello you fine people,

I've been working on a gaming channel over this week, and I finally have everything set up. Although I was battling a flu, and still I am while recording and designing the channel. If you can, please subscribe, but only after viewing the content to see if you like it. I appreciate any constructive comments.

The channel -
The Facebook -
The Twitter -

Just keep in mind that I am not able to edit and render the videos due to an outdated PC, so the videos will not include:

1. Mixing and Mastering(All of it is done in the recording interface settings to the best of my ability.)
2. Cutting and editing of silent/inactive game video sections.

I want an honest opinion on the commentary itself. It's my first time doing any kind of commentary, and frankly it's quite fun, I just have to break out of my shell more, suppress habits like sighing into the microphone, clicking my lips(hydration helps), repeating "oh my god" and using a slightly different tone of voice. Some of this is fixed in Part 2 as I get more used to commentating.

Facebook will be channel related updates, for more prolonged updates, but will also feature the latest videos.
Twitter will be mostly for YouTube Upload Notifications in case the subscribers box doesn't work. I might create a sub account just for general communication between the community.

Thank you guys so much!

~Grandvision Studio~