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Unmasked is my most successful album to date!

2017-03-05 18:39:15 by Grandvision

It's official "Unmasked" has been my most successful album to date. £31 in sales! That might not seem much but it's higher than anything I've ever sold in the past 6 years of my musical period.

If you haven't yet checked out the small album, do so over here -

You can download the whole album for free by putting "£0" or you can pay whatever you want. Any support is highly appreciated.

Times been tought for me. Haven't had any regular work for over 2 months and only now starting work, so spending all my money on food and travel at the moment. Been trying to work evenings on music where I can but time is limited. Very stressed but hope things quiet down once I get some money going. Hope everyone else in the world is having a better day than me. Keep rocking you guys <3



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