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The Making of "At Any Cost" Video Project.

2017-02-12 10:19:09 by Grandvision

Hello guys. I am back with a rework of one of my earlier tracks. Very much an epic piece with electronic influences. I am not here to show off the tracks as you can find it in my Audio section. Instead I am here to show audio project itself in video form.

Here's that video of the track "At Any Cost" being played within my DAW, FL Studio, showing the melodies I've composed, the afformentioned plugins and the EQ being applied.

Would appreciate any subscribers as I am planning to release more and more content, perhaphs even tutorials, or sample library reviews and of course the music itself. Really trying to be more active and build up my reputation as a musician on here and everywhere else. I hope you will take this joruney with me as I have many great plans ahead for myself in 2017. Let's hope all goes well and see you in the next post. :)

You can only download this track on my Bandcamp -

Any support is highly appreciated.



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