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Forest of Dreams Classical Song
Prophecy - Hang Drum Solo Instrument Song
A Moment in Time. Ambient Song
Strings of Life - Harp Edition Classical Song
Forgettng the Past Classical Loop
Strings of Life - Piano Improv Solo Instrument Song
Soaring Soren Classical Loop
Mhysa - GoT Tribute Classical Song
Imagination Classical Song
Playground Classical Loop

2013 Submissions

Relive - Cinematic Cinematic Song
Forgiveness Classical Song
Discovery Classical Loop
Snowflakes Solo Instrument Song
The Vortex [FULL] Ambient Song
Above the Clouds Trance Song
Reverse Polarity Drum N Bass Song
The Unexpected Journey Solo Instrument Song

2012 Submissions

Sands of Time Classical Loop
Tomorrow's Wishes Solo Instrument Song
Golden Sunrise Trance Song
Dramatic Film Teaser Cinematic Loop
Ocean View Classical Loop
The Transcending Classical Song
Not Forgotten Classical Loop
From the Heart. Classical Song
The Artist Solo Instrument Loop
Continuity of Dreams Ambient Song
Live on Classical Song
A Ship to the North Classical Song
Rainy Days Classical Loop

2009 Submissions

The Illumination Ambient Song

2008 Submissions

When Drums Collide Drum N Bass Loop